By adopting a Tarahumara child, you are committing yourself to help with a monthly contribution of $ 5 Dollars which serves to cover part of their needs:
  • Food: 3 meals a day
  • Stay: Their stay in the christian orphanage from Monday to Friday during the school year
  • Toiletries: Brush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo
  • School supplies: Notebooks, pencils, colors and more

    The process of adoption of a Tarahumara child is as follows:

  • Sign up, you need to provide personal contact information.
  • Choose the tarahumaras child or children you want to adopt
  • Confirm adoption request
  • Make your monthly contribution according to the means of payment available
  • You can adopt a child Tarahumara or directly make a donation to the project which will be used for the same purposes mentioned above. The donation may be of the amount that you want.


  • To make a donation, it can be through Paypal, credit card or bank deposit. Once completed, you will need to fill in the form below to locate your donation and send you your payment receipt.

    Deposit – Directly at the bank or with Credit Card or Paypal

  • Bank deposit
    Account Number: 1161985663
    To name: Cruz Velázquez
    Wells Fargo
    Check payable to: PEGEM Ministries
    Account number: 6706196133
  • Paypal

    Visit this link and click the send button, then put in the email below: